Home Boredom

Bored at Home?

  1. Neflix  – Binge on shows like Shameless, Riverdale or Stranger Things.
  2. Write a story, play or poem
  3. Draw or paint a picture
  4. Melt a candle onto a poster board and create something unique
  5. Rearrange your furniture
  6. Install colored lights
  7. Cut out your own designs and place them near a lamp to project onto the wall(Be careful not to leave it too close to avoid a fire)
  8. Paint your walls
  9. Cook a new recipe you have never tried or create your own.
  10. Rent a movie
  11. Dress up and take photos
  12. Crank up the music while singing and dancing like a fool
  13. Write your own song and sing a solo
  14. Build a card house
  15. Make a paper airplane
  16. More to come….